Best GPS Smartwatches for Kids

When looking for the most accurate GPS running watch, you first need to consider the type of track or terrain that you prefer. Although there are a few GPS running watches that are very accurate, the terrain that you take on your runs will have an impact on just how accurate the GPS will work. There are generally three different types of tracks that runners take, an actual track, trails, and roads, and the best watch will depend on where you spend the most time running. Be sure to also take into consideration whether you plan to run on one or more type at a time.

Best GPS Smartwatches for Kids

Let’s start with running on tracks. It can be very difficult for a GPS running watch to be accurate because of the curves on the track. The GPS receives a signal from a satellite about every four seconds; on the curves the GPS thinks that you are still running in a straight line instead, so the GPS becomes confused, and can record inaccurate information.

The Nike+Sportwatch GPS is the most accurate GPS running watch when it comes to running on tracks, and the Garmin Forerunner 305 is just right behind it. Both are able to transform the information from the time on the curves into actual distance.


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