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GRP is an ideal and straightforward material for using on flat roofs, and if installed by a proficient roofing company, should last for decades without degeneration. GRP has a wealth of benefits for any kind of roofing. Fibreglass roofs are remarkably adaptable, in creating wonderful balconies and walkways. They’re also easy to lengthen or refurbish, and block unlawful access.


Your roof puts up with a lot of punishment over the years including heavy rain, frost, glaring sunshine and high winds. This can easily wear away at roofing materials or loosen tiles over time and that can result in expensive rotting roof timbers or even endanger the general public. Our roof repair service is both preventative as well as restorative, in that we strive to eliminate problems before they occur in the future.

With rubber roofing there are not many seams, which makes it more water-resistant than is the situation with numerous other types of roofing material. Rubber roofing offers durability not found in many other roofing materials irrespective of it being relatively light, and it has aesthetic appeal too – particularly when rubber shingles are in place on your sloped roof.



Here at Sacramento roofer Co, our experienced expert roofers employ a wealth of experience in working with slate roofs, on an array of different properties. From creating plans to project management and skilled manual work, we assure peerless work tailored to your demands and budget. Over many years we have installed many roof slates for both domestic and commercial customers on refurbishment projects and also new build roofing projects and are always happy to offer free advice on the most appropriate slate roofing products available to suit your property and budget.

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