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We all have a cousin who speaks a little English …
Google translates into many languages ​​and can be used to understand what a text is about, but not to make a professional translation.

The same thing happens with the “translators” cousins: they can help you translate emails and texts of little importance.

But if you need to translate a contract or your company’s website, don’t risk it: make sure you have a quality translation. Translation agencies offer you the guarantee of quality you need, as long as you choose a trusted agency.


How to find a quality translation agency?
Unfortunately there are hundreds of translation agencies and most of them offer very low quality translations. If you choose to work with an agency, make sure that:

Have native translators of the language you are interested in
Have experience in the field you requested: legal, technical, etc.
Be quick in responses and respect delivery times
Offer a fixed cost, “no surprises”

High quality translations
Making a quality translation is not an easy task: it requires precision, sensitivity and a lot of work.
Our quality is based on 3 fundamental factors.

Native speaker translators
Native speaker translators
Each of our translations is produced by a mother-tongue translator: the translator translates only into his mother tongue and masters both the two languages and the themes of the document proposed to him.

Specialized translators
Agenzia di traduzione translate only what we know to translate, be it business, law, finance, technology, engineering, medicine, tourism, or legal translation, web translation, etc.

Revision included
Translation + Revision
Every translation always includes a revision. This is done by a second translator and is done to ensure that the translation is perfect. Both use glossaries, terminology sheets, etc.

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