Conceiving Boys – Discover Simple Tricks to Make This Dream Happen For You

You may not think that conceiving boys naturally can be a dream come true but it does! There are easy tricks around that you can plan to make it happen for you. As the saying goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail” so, if you do plan, it is possible for you!

The nature of sperms is such that the X-sperm and Y-sperm work differently so, you have to work around the way the sperms works. The X-sperm is bigger and lives longer while the Y-sperm is of shorter life span but, it has higher motility. And, it is this Y-sperm that will make your how to have a baby boy come true.

To enable the Y-sperm that lives only around 24 hours to successfully penetrate into the egg for conceiving boys, make plans to have sex during ovulation. The slippery cervical mucous will provide an advantageous environment for the Y-sperm to swim around and reach its destination.

In addition, go for deep penetration. Let the man “do the job” by having the “man-on-top” sexual position. This will allow deep and satisfying penetration that will also enable the woman to experience orgasms which will increase the chance of conceiving boys. With a relatively shorter distance to travel up the fallopian tube, it will be a booster for the faster Y-sperm.



There are some studies that showed a link between taking breakfast and specifically, cereals for breakfast, to increase the odds. Those women who take a serving or 2 of cereals a day showed higher chances of conceiving boys than those who do not. Make some changes to your habit and start taking breakfast after all it is hassle-free and most healthy too.

Yes, you may start to wonder, does this really work. I agree that no one method is 100-percent guarantee and neither is the above but by taking these simple steps you are at least doing something to help realize your dream of conceiving boys!

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