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Welcome to the Dogs in Canada home page. As Canada’s Premier dog magazine, we are proud to bring our services to the World Wide Web. Dogs in Canada has been reporting on the world of purebred dogs since 1889. It is the Canadian magazine that closely follows and reports on the world of purebred dogs – from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers and every breed in between.

Our Home Page will provide you with information about upcoming articles in Dogs in Canada, news, items of interest plus all the information you need when used in conjunction with the 1997 Dogs in Canada Annual to help select a breeder.

The Directory of Breeders showcases over 170 purebred dog breeds. You will find a colour photo and informative description of each breed to help you decide which would best fit your lifestyle. We also have a listing of 19 cat breeds.


Need help finding a breeder? No problem. Each breed has a convenient listing of breeders across Canada – over 2,700 in all, and they’re divided alphabetically by provinces for ease of use.

Dogs in Canada is published 12 times a year, while the award winning Dogs in Canada Annual comes out each November. The Annual is eagerly anticipated by those who breed and compete with their dogs, as well as the many thousands of Canadians who simply ‘love’ dogs and want to know more about them.

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