How Healthy Is That Doggy In the Window?

It’s not easy to pass a local pet store display, with big brown puppy eyes looking at you and tails wagging, but a recent poll reveals that plenty of people do. Many are concerned about the temperament and health of that doggy in the window.

More than four in ten people (47%) said they think pets purchased from pet stores could very well have medical or psychological problems they wouldn’t know about. 38% of people would have the same concerns about a pet purchased from a breeder and 32% worried about the health of a pet acquired from a shelter.

Women seem to be more concerned about the health of a new pet from a pet store than men. 49% of women expecting their next pet to come from a pet store said they worried it would have psychological problems, compared to 38% of men.

With pet store puppies health in question, it’s no wonder that the pet store is the least likely source for getting a new pet. Only 13% said their current pet comes from a pet store. Just 8% said that they were planning to purchase their next pet from a pet store.

The majority of America’s pets seems to come from unlikely sources such as friends, relatives, as strays or gifts. 53% of people acquired their pets in a more unconventional way. 26% said they come from breeders. Dog owners are much more likely (35%) than cat owners (5%) to get their pet from a breeder.

Sometimes pet owners have good intentions but that doesn’t translate into actions. While 54% say that their next pet is most likely to be a rescue, only 30% said they got their pet at an animal shelter.

Resource: PetzNeedz

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