Jamie Buys Houses

The more common and crude term for what we are talking about here is: Rent to Own. However you name it, Jamie Buys Houses is the only option for alot of great would-be buyers out there.

Not everyone in property distress wants to maintain control of their property, understandably. That’s why short sales are so popular right now. Most people have no real equity.

For those sellers that want to try and ride out the storm, and possibly sell for their asking price, we can offer our large database of qualified Lease Option buyers. We can offer premier property management at no cost to you. We can even bring you current on your payments if needed, if the numbers make sense.


We have been successfully structuring Lease Option deals for client sellers and buyers for more than two years, often in partnership.

Many times There are Variances
We are well versed in the variables of setting up a successful Lease Option Deal. We are happy to discuss your particular situation, in person, at your earliest opportunity. We are very confident that we can come up a with a suitable structure and a suitable, fully screened, Lease Option buyer to fit.

To be clear, should a seller choose a free consultation with us regarding a Lease Option it would be entirely up to them whether to have property management or not. Sellers are, generally, intelligent people and can come up with some obvious pros and cons, but likely not all of them. We are happy to talk about ALL pros and cons, objectively.

Either way, OUR SERVICES ARE FREE to the seller and would relieve them of any distress they have at the present time. The Lease Option would allow them to move out of the house and into something more suited to their needs.

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