Mens underwear

This site is about mens underwear. We will look at the more extreme styles of men’s underwear, swimwear, fetish wear and how they all relate to mens underwear and what men really love to wear.

This site is all about the different and extreme styles of sexy mens underwear, swimwear and fetish wear. I have a great collection of sexy mens underwear photos and I am willing to share them but I would like you to send yours into to us so we can make your sexy mens underwear shots famous, at least famous at our little sexy site!. I have shot tons of photos for fetish types of underwear and swimwear companies including

Koala with designer Michael David create the most amazing sexy mens underwear, exposing swimwear and fetish wear including the following:
Fetish wear for men

Koala has been and still is the worlds number 1 choice for extreme cutting edge designs with more sexy mens underwear including exposing suits then any place on earth!


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