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Welcome to the Dogs in Canada home page. As Canada’s Premier dog magazine, we are proud to bring our services to the World Wide Web. Dogs in Canada has been reporting on the world of purebred dogs since 1889. It is the Canadian magazine that closely follows and reports on the world of purebred dogs – from Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers and every breed in between.

Our Home Page will provide you with information about upcoming articles in Dogs in Canada, news, items of interest plus all the information you need when used in conjunction with the 1997 Dogs in Canada Annual to help select a breeder.

The Directory of Breeders showcases over 170 purebred dog breeds. You will find a colour photo and informative description of each breed to help you decide which would best fit your lifestyle. We also have a listing of 19 cat breeds.


Need help finding a breeder? No problem. Each breed has a convenient listing of breeders across Canada – over 2,700 in all, and they’re divided alphabetically by provinces for ease of use.

Dogs in Canada is published 12 times a year, while the award winning Dogs in Canada Annual comes out each November. The Annual is eagerly anticipated by those who breed and compete with their dogs, as well as the many thousands of Canadians who simply ‘love’ dogs and want to know more about them.

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How To Replace Dryer Rollers

If you have a squeaky dryer and need to replace the rear rollers on a Whirlpool, or Kenmore dryer you will need to remove the dryer drum. You can call Appliance Repair Garland TX which is they easy way.


It is very important as always, to disconnect the dryer from the electrical supply. Once you have done that, lift the small door on the top of the dryer and remove the lint filter.  Now using a putty knife or very small screwdriver push in on the two retaining clips located on the left and right just below the top where the opening is between the front of the dryer and the dryer top. Push in on the right clip and lift the right side slightly. Then do the same with the left side. Now you can lift the top of the dryer and lean it to the rear against the wall. You will probably have to pull the dryer forward some to allow the control panel to clear. Make absolutely sure that this panel does not fall backwards. This will damage the control panel and wiring harness. With the top leaning rearward, you will need to remove the two screws that secure the left and right sides of the dryer to the front. Depending on what model you have, you will either need a Phillips head screwdriver or 5/16 nut driver. Just down from the top on the left and right side facing forward are the two screws that secure the side walls of the dryer, to the front. Remove those two screws but continue to hold on to the front of the dryer.

Once the two screws have been removed, you can lean the front forward lifting up slightly on the dryer drum, to remove it from the front drum support attached to the front of the dryer. On most models of Whirlpool and Kenmore dryers, the front is secured to the base of the dryer at the bottom by clips facing upwards. All you need to do is slightly lift up the dryer front to disengage the clips. On some models the front is secured by two screws that face upwards. You will want to remove these two screws in advance before leaning the top rearward.

Now that you have the front loose, be careful not to damage the wires attached to the door switch. You should have sufficient movement in the wiring harness to allow you to lean the dryer front to the side without disconnecting the wires to the door switch. Make sure the front is secure and will not fall because next you need to disengage the dryer belt from the motor.

Take a flashlight and look to the right hand side of the dryer drum all the way to the rear. Take notice of how the belt is routed around the drum and through the idler pulley onto the motor pulley. Using your right hand, lift up on the idler pulley to relieve tension from the belt. Use your left hand to lift the belt off of the motor pulley.

Now you can use the belt to support the drum as you lift it out of position to gain access to the squeaky rollers or rear seal. With your right hand pull up on the dryer belt, and with your left hand grab the front of the drum and lift slightly with the belt that is in your right hand. Now you can guide the drum forward out of the dryer cabinet and set it off to the side.

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Cannabis is an annual plant, which means that its complete reproductive cycle extends over a few months and is renewed every year. This cycle includes two major stages: growth and flowering. Within these two major phases, there are several stages and you can learn on how to grow cannabis for only 200$.

Growth (from 18 hours of light / 6 hours of darkness per day to 24 hours of light per day)

Germination: Phase during which the seed will wake up and become active. Heat, humidity and oxygen are the ideal conditions for germination. Once moistened, the seed opens to let the germ out. This little white tip is the future main root. It will grow by sinking into the ground and its top will come out while getting rid of its envelope. The first two leaves that appear are not yet real leaves: they are the cotyledons. It is from this moment that the plant becomes autonomous, because it begins to have its own chlorophyll system. Before that, the germ lives thanks to the reserves present in the seed.


Humidity: 50 to 80%.
Temperature: 25 ° C.
Nutrients: None as long as the plant does not have real leaves yet.
Light: at the appearance of the cotyledons, light with dominant white / blue spectrum continuously (at least 18 hours of light per day).

Beginning of growth: Phase during which the sowing will take its pace of adult plant. The first series of true leaves after the cotyledons comes out and has only one limb. The second series has three, then five, seven, nine and sometimes eleven. When the plant has five internodes, it has a well-developed root system and enough chlorophyll to begin vigorous growth.

Humidity: 50 to 80%.
Temperature: 21 to 28 ° C.
Nutrients: little at first, as this could burn young seedlings. From the second floor, we can begin to fertilize with nitrogen in small quantities.
Light: Neon light or discharge lamp. (see chapter artificial lighting)
Early growth of Cannabis
Early growth of Cannabis

Vegetative phase: This is the period during which the plant will develop to acquire a structure capable of supporting heavy clusters of flowers. During this period, everything goes much faster and the plant grows in height and width, while setting up new floors of leaves.

Humidity: idem.
Temperature: same
Nutrients: increase in the amount of nitrogen fertilizer.
Light: MH discharge lamp recommended.