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As a qualified Television and Electrical Engineer I established a local television and white goods store in 1979 providing an excellent service within York and the larger surrounding area. During this time growth and development in all aspects of electrical technology has been incredible and DRS are ever evolving to meet the current needs of our customers and business associates and are now delighted to bring to your home or business our online service: YRDA. I invite you to browse through our YRDA site.


The philosophy is summed up in two words: Service and Price. We take pride in our customer service and product knowledge. Not only will we offer you excellent prices we will also provide you advice you can really trust.

We have a range of products and services on offer, covering sales, repairs and installations.

I and my loyal team look forward to bringing your new Television or Appliance Charlotte swiftly to your home or business. We are here to guide you by phone with measurements, model details and recommendations. We do understand our customers often wish to talk to a helpful person, therefore we welcome your phone enquiries.

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PS3 Does Everything and More

The tagline reads, “It only does everything”, and beyond making your meals, cuddling with you while you watch a movie and tucking you in at night, that statement is pretty much true. The PlayStation with Move Bundle is pretty much the best thing to happen to gaming since someone figured out that you could put different numbers on all of the sides of a cube, and called it “dice”. There is enough fanboy chatter out there to give you an idea of the love that gamers have for this system, and there are enough reasons to want to bid on one of these at a penny auction that we thought we would share a few of them with you. Here are a few of the best features of the new PlayStation 3.


Processing Speed

There is a story out there about how Saddam Hussein had sent his agents out into the world in the 90s to purchase as many first-generation PlayStation machines as they could get their hands on. As legend has it, the agents were discovered trying to make their way to Iraq with thousands of these machines. Why did they want so many of them? Was Saddam trying to set up a massive community of gamers to keep his people happy? No, Saddam knew the awesome processing power of the PlayStation and he was after the processors. That’s it. That’s all he wanted.

Two generations later, the PS3 processor is capable of performing up to two trillion calculations per second. That’s almost as many calculations in a second as the US runs up in debt in dollars in a month. Impressive, indeed. Moreover, the current 320GB system has a 45nm processor, which can run at the same 60+ nm speed as the older ones, but uses far less energy. Your electrical bill will thank you, and it will prevent the system from overheating.


Got an HD TV? If you do, you’ll be pleased to know that this system has an HDMI port that will allow you to connect to your fancy TV so that you can take full advantage of the insane graphics that the people who develop PS3 games have designed.

Superior Control

Are you a control freak? I don’t mean the kind of person that needs other people to do exactly what you say. I mean the kind of person that loves video game controllers. If so, get ready for the DualShock3 wireless controller. This bad boy has pressure sensors in all of the buttons and also contains an incredibly sensitive Sixaxis motion sensor that goes above and beyond almost anything we have seen in controller development up to this point. Let me just say this about the PS3 controller: Bam! That is all.

More than Gaming

Oh yes, it’s a great gaming system, there is no doubt. But more than just a system for playing some of the best video games on the market on one of the fastest systems imaginable, the PlayStation 3 provides Blu-Ray support, giving you the opportunity to hold up to sex times (!) more data than traditional DVDs can, which means superior HD viewing.
There’s a lot going on with the PS3 system. This one comes highly recommended to gaming enthusiasts looking for a superior experience.

More info at www.zeldacentral.com

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Conceiving Boys – Discover Simple Tricks to Make This Dream Happen For You

You may not think that conceiving boys naturally can be a dream come true but it does! There are easy tricks around that you can plan to make it happen for you. As the saying goes, “fail to plan, plan to fail” so, if you do plan, it is possible for you!

The nature of sperms is such that the X-sperm and Y-sperm work differently so, you have to work around the way the sperms works. The X-sperm is bigger and lives longer while the Y-sperm is of shorter life span but, it has higher motility. And, it is this Y-sperm that will make your how to have a baby boy come true.

To enable the Y-sperm that lives only around 24 hours to successfully penetrate into the egg for conceiving boys, make plans to have sex during ovulation. The slippery cervical mucous will provide an advantageous environment for the Y-sperm to swim around and reach its destination.

In addition, go for deep penetration. Let the man “do the job” by having the “man-on-top” sexual position. This will allow deep and satisfying penetration that will also enable the woman to experience orgasms which will increase the chance of conceiving boys. With a relatively shorter distance to travel up the fallopian tube, it will be a booster for the faster Y-sperm.



There are some studies that showed a link between taking breakfast and specifically, cereals for breakfast, to increase the odds. Those women who take a serving or 2 of cereals a day showed higher chances of conceiving boys than those who do not. Make some changes to your habit and start taking breakfast after all it is hassle-free and most healthy too.

Yes, you may start to wonder, does this really work. I agree that no one method is 100-percent guarantee and neither is the above but by taking these simple steps you are at least doing something to help realize your dream of conceiving boys!