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When moving into storage, your personal documents and papers should be handled and retained by you. This guarantees better monitoring and security of your most valuable documents. Sort and keep the papers earlier, because it is very difficult and time consuming to find documents and small items. If for any reason, you are not yet able to move into your new home, storage is the best option to keep your belongings secure.

Why move to storage when you can move directly to the new house?

People need storage during a move for different reasons. If you need a temporary place to keep your newly purchased furniture, while waiting to move into the new house, storage is the best option for you.
Do you want to sell your house and get a new place? Clearing out some of its contents and keeping them in storage is the best way to market the house.
If you are moving to a small ranch from a larger home and the new place cannot contain all your existing furniture, the best option for you is to move to storage.
Irrespective of the storage duration and the volume of your furniture, the removals company can handle your storage without any hitch.


How your furniture is stored

Majority of removal and storage firms use containerised storage. These are basically forklift moveable large wooden boxes.
Basically the company’s policy is that the boxes will be loaded outside your house with your properties and sealed in your presence, unless you are not accessible at the moment. This reduces the number of time the moving company handles your belongings, thus reducing the risk of damages as well.
The removals company store items that are too large to fit into the container separately. The company’s staffs and representatives will advise you when they come around. Items that are often left loose are chairs, sofas and ladders.
Removal companies that are smaller often use third party storage facility. They sometimes load your items into a room.


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