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These psychic readings are designed to enlighten your life, your present, and your future. By identifying obstacles that life and even your personality is placing in your way, DJ is able to help you make the choices that will enable you to navigate a peaceful, spiritual and fulfilled path through your existence. Call today for a trusted phone psychic reading 24/7 all year long.

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You can enjoy the full power of DJ Ownbey’s psychic readings online or by visiting in person. For DJ’s overseas clients, his special online service is ideal. Schedule an appointment at a time to suit you and you’ll feel the full benefit of his extraordinary powers.

The psychic readings conducted by DJ are a service – in the same way, that taking your car to the garage is a service, or having a lawyer conduct a court case for you. If you want to know if your partner is The One, DJ can help you look.

Are you looking for psychic readings that give you accurate information on love, money, and career? If so, you have been guided to the right place!

Find a psychic that you are comfortable with. You can tell a good psychic reading right away. You will immediately feel uplifted when you are getting the psychic reading. Trust your gut. If you get the feeling of heaviness and like being drained after you go for a psychic reading, then you are not with the right psychic!
Detach from your problem mentally. Many times clients are so fixed on the problem that they can’t even hear the solution. “Let Go and let God” mindset works best. You, ideally, want to be in a very flowing and open energy before getting a psychic reading. If you are feeling very walled and suspicious or untrusting this will actually create a wall the psychic will not be able to penetrate through.

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