Selling Your Home Tips

The photograph of your home is another important aspect of selling it.  You should take the picture on a sunny day with clear skies.  Do not take the picture with a vehicle in the background as some real estate agents continue to do.  This is an unnecessary distraction from the home, which is what you are really trying to sell.  It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have, buyers will make assumptions about the home based on the vehicle in the picture.  Take several shots so you have some to choose from.  Keep copies of the photographs in the case that you choose to use a real estate agent.


Selling Your Home Tips

When you sell your home without a real estate agent the work of advertising your house is entirely up to you.  There are many different ways you can get the word out about your home for sale.  The easiest way to advertise your home is by placing a for sale sign in your yard.  Even if you live in a high traffic area, this shouldn’t be the only method you use to advertise your home.  Listing your home in the local newspaper and real estate magazine are other methods you can use.  Since the internet is increasing in popularity for buyers, especially first-timers, listing your home on a for sale by owner website will increase exposure of your home.

Once you list your home, be prepared to receive several phone calls a day with inquiries for your home.  If you do not have an answering machine or voice mail service, you should get one or the other.  Remember that even though you are not using a real estate agent, you will still have to work with the buyer’s real estate agent.

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