Spelling Test and Its Role in Determining IQ

Knowing how to spell the most difficult words is not a simple test of IQ. Knowing what they mean and their origins also come into play. When it comes to measuring intelligence, it is often forgotten. It doesn’t consider other areas of the brain that work on logic, mathematics, etc. Only how much words they have come to memorize is what’s considered in this area. Also, the spelling test doesn’t take dyslexics into account. But even if spelling isn’t directly correlated with overall intelligence, it still requires a special kind of intelligence.

Spelling may not be a good measure of intelligence. But of course, to learn how to spell a word, you have to memorize it. Memorization is a significant aspect that can determine the level of a person’s mental capacity. People with good long-term memory generally to tend to have higher IQs.

Short-term memory is also a good measure of general intelligence. To collect facts, rules, ideas, and figures, a good memory would be a huge benefit. Spelling is a perfect exercise for enhancing a person’s memory.


Word Patterns in Spelling Test
There is a system in how we spell words. It may not be the same across all languages. But for English, learning the system would improve a person’s ability to spell. It is a wide and complex language with many rules to follow, from grammar to spelling. In general, intelligent people have great skills in analysis, perception, and in memorizing ideas. Spelling test makes use of these skills.

There are word patterns and letter sequences to learn. Being able to take in a large amount of words asks for a great visual analysis. Learning the system requires serious amount of intelligence.

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