Swimming Pool Covers for Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools

Whether you are looking for a manual roll on Swimming Pool Cover, an automatic slatted Swimming Pool Cover, or even a Safety Swimming Pool Cover, then Professional Swimming Pools are here to help you. From supplying a complete Swimming Pool Cover to the refurbishment of the slats or the fabric to your existing swimming pool cover, we can provide you with support to do the work yourself or by one of our experienced teams.


Fitting a pool cover reduces heat lost by 70% and we also have the experience to fit a heat setback arrangement to indoor swimming pools to allow for the air temperature to be reduced when the pool is covered to add additional reductions to your heating and running costs for your swimming pool.

Swimming Pool safety covers

We can supply all the major makes, such as;

  1. Plastica
  2. Heatsavr Liquid Covers
  3. Aquamatic
  4. Covrex
  5. Roldeck
  6. Astral
  7. Coverstar
  8. Certikin
  9. Venetain
  10. Swimmer
  11. Gummi

We also undertake the servicing and repair of all these makes and many other manufacturers who are no longer in business. We also provide swimming pools for sale. So if you are in need of a quality service, require any support or further information, contact us today.

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