Cannabis is an annual plant, which means that its complete reproductive cycle extends over a few months and is renewed every year. This cycle includes two major stages: growth and flowering. Within these two major phases, there are several stages and you can learn on how to grow cannabis for only 200$.

Growth (from 18 hours of light / 6 hours of darkness per day to 24 hours of light per day)

Germination: Phase during which the seed will wake up and become active. Heat, humidity and oxygen are the ideal conditions for germination. Once moistened, the seed opens to let the germ out. This little white tip is the future main root. It will grow by sinking into the ground and its top will come out while getting rid of its envelope. The first two leaves that appear are not yet real leaves: they are the cotyledons. It is from this moment that the plant becomes autonomous, because it begins to have its own chlorophyll system. Before that, the germ lives thanks to the reserves present in the seed.


Humidity: 50 to 80%.
Temperature: 25 ° C.
Nutrients: None as long as the plant does not have real leaves yet.
Light: at the appearance of the cotyledons, light with dominant white / blue spectrum continuously (at least 18 hours of light per day).

Beginning of growth: Phase during which the sowing will take its pace of adult plant. The first series of true leaves after the cotyledons comes out and has only one limb. The second series has three, then five, seven, nine and sometimes eleven. When the plant has five internodes, it has a well-developed root system and enough chlorophyll to begin vigorous growth.

Humidity: 50 to 80%.
Temperature: 21 to 28 ° C.
Nutrients: little at first, as this could burn young seedlings. From the second floor, we can begin to fertilize with nitrogen in small quantities.
Light: Neon light or discharge lamp. (see chapter artificial lighting)
Early growth of Cannabis
Early growth of Cannabis

Vegetative phase: This is the period during which the plant will develop to acquire a structure capable of supporting heavy clusters of flowers. During this period, everything goes much faster and the plant grows in height and width, while setting up new floors of leaves.

Humidity: idem.
Temperature: same
Nutrients: increase in the amount of nitrogen fertilizer.
Light: MH discharge lamp recommended.

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